Develop what?

Anything. Almost.

We build your idea and make it seen on the internet. Just shoot us with your requirements and we will figure it out.
Everyone is on the mobile phone, is your business on mobile yet? We build both iOS and Android app, so your business can reach as much audiences as possible.
The most popular CMS on the planet. And we have more than 10 years experience with WordPress. We do normal WordPress setup and integration down to custom plugin development.
E-commerce has been around for decades, but we are just at the starting point. Don't let your business being washed out by next wave of E-commerce.
We are unbiased towards the use of different technology tools to solve different problems.
We covered everything from your user experience features down to your server infrastructure. So we could ensure the codes in your product is highly optimized to run in the server.

Cloud It Out

We Design, Implement, Scale and Support your Cloud App.

Cloud is powerful, but it's hard to manage when it scales. And we are here to help.

Tuning the application with your dev team to ride on the power of cloud
Stress test your system after implementation with LoadImpact, to make sure its able to handle the load, else scale it up
Staging and UAT system implementation like enterprises, making sure system is not vulnerable to mistakes at coding levels and less unexpected bugs.
Running a promotion? Expecting huge spike of traffic? Pre-emptive scale the system to handle the load and let your business thrive
Technology advances, system reviews will be conducted periodically to keep it up-to-date and fit for production
Ongoing system health monitoring and logging, tracking system load, networking, and disk spaces.

We design system architecture that scale with your needs, to save your cost, and grow along with your business needs.

By leveraging tech such as Redis object cache, Nginx caches, CDN, your system is designed to performed with less costs

Attack is common, the system design comes with security defences in place, protection is enabled from Level 4 to 7.

Disaster Recovery (DR) is a MUST for compliance and business continuity. System design itself is always ready for DR deployment and management.


Often, you just need some insight from professional to build your next big thing

Let's see in what ways we could help you.


Drafted your business plan, we can help validate technology feasibility of your product.


Whether features implementation, work automation, technology adoption or anything you could think of, we can suggest.


Have a spark but need help to develop into a solid idea? Let's sit down together to design a rocket!

Save your time

Your time is precious, let us solve all your ICT problems. Think, CTO for hire.