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Scaling PHP CMS in AWS

There’s two major challenge when scaling a traditional CMS like Prestashop / Drupal: – Centralized session – File storage synchronized – Isolate Backend traffic to a single instance Let’s dive into details for each of them:   Centralized Session This is the easiest one to be taken care of, we will use Redis as the session backend, in AWS, the…

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Hyper-V clone to multiple new VM

With the Hyper-V GUI manager, its just too headache to copy a freshly installed OS to multiple new VM, especially while testing clustering software like DRBD or Ceph. Here’s a quick powershell script to copy a Centos7 ¬†source VM into 5 new VM: [shell]ForEach ($number in 1..5){ #Path to our source VHD $srcVHDPath = “D:\Hyper-V\Centos7-Ori.vhdx” #Path to create new VHDs…

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Setup lsyncd in Centos7

Lsynvd is a great tool for file sync across multiple web servers, instead of having a single NFS share, each web server will have their own copy of of files, solving single point of failure problem, and completely removing IOPS worry from web tier. The following guide is to setup lsyncd on the primary web server (where code changes or…

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